How to use our beads?

in 3 ultra-simple steps

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  • A team of experts

    Smart Kaps is the result of more than 2 years of research and development developed by a team of experts. Our balls are made from quality food ingredients, guaranteeing a sparkling and responsible experience.

  • Easily transportable

    On a walk, at the office or at home, simply take out your Smart Kaps ball to create your drink rich in bubbles and minerals. Live the experience of healthy, sparkling hydration with a unique taste.

  • The water that stings responsible

    Every day, billions of plastic bottles are transported and pollute our planet. With Smart Kaps, drink your sparkling water differently. Thanks to our sparkling balls, put an end to your dependence on plastic bottles.

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Revolutionize your consumption of sparkling water in a responsible and fun way

A Smart Kaps ball in still water, wait a minute, and enjoy delicious sparkling water.

A composition rich in minerals

Our composition only contains balanced food products, contributing to daily intake, as well as natural flavors. Without limits of admissible daily doses.

The formulation was developed and approved by an ISO 22000 and 13485 certified laboratory.

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